Maintenance & Servicing


Recommended Cleaning and Maintenance Procedures

To help ensure the longevity, performance and a like new appearance of your aluminium windows and doors, it is advisable that you follow the below maintenance and cleaning procedures.

These procedures should be completed at a maximum of every six months and more regularly for homes located in harsh environments.

These environments are those areas in the proximity of oceans, farmland, bays or locations that are more prone to dirt, salt, and grime build up.

If you live in one of these locations it is advisable that cleaning is carried out either monthly or every two months.

1 Aluminium Frame

Simply wash down with a hose to loosen and remove any debris.

• Fill a bucket with warm soapy water and use a soft wash cloth or sponge to remove any remaining debris, soak the wash cloth or sponge in the bucket frequently. Do not use a dirty/abrasive sponge or cloth as this is likely to scratch the surface.

• Wash remaining soap with hose.

2 Glass

Glass cleaning procedures vary depending on the type of glass. Please click on the Viridian logo then select the glass that is applicable to your home.


3 Brick Cleaning

It is imperative that all external locks and handles are covered to prevent corrosion when cleaning bricks with acid.